Celeste Diaz Falzone (b. 1998 in Dallas TX to Colombian mother and American Father) lives and works in Pawtucket RI. Her studio practice consists of 2 and 3D mixed media with a base in textiles. Celeste's work is built on her experiences and touches on themes of neurodiversity, identity, and humanity.

Divided by body, confined to the mind, the end always coming, we count life in time. Dreams process life, and create a scattered parallel between all things. An offload of refracted memories, misinterpreted visions and emotions made into entities. These entities are what I am interested in creating. Vast ideas that touch on consciousness, point of view, emotion, behavior, and life experience, boiled into visual form. Talking about dreams, you may have felt stuck trying to explain or understand what was experienced… “ I dreamt of a tiger, but it wasn't really a tiger, it felt like one in a moment, and in others it was an old friend of mine…” This phenomenon of clarity in experience that is lost in translation is how I approach imagery. I am interested in the thing that exists between what is real and what we can recall. This inbetween space is unique to each person's point of view, yet reveals a collective consciousness. When remembering anything, the image is altered, and elements that stand out are what we are left with. Over time as we get further away, the memory of that image is reduced until it is the essence of how you felt about it; an endless game of ‘Telephone’.. All things slightly off kilter from the original, lost in translation to a degree. This is how I want to portray the tiger, as the memory of the last time I remembered one, meaning the most simplified version that maintains the energy of the real thing.

This concept also ties into why I am fascinated by stereotypes. They are honest without fact, and the damage that they can cause parallels their inherent purity. I did not grow up with a typical education or socialization and often fill in the gaps, informationally and behaviorally. Making assumptions or associations constantly to survive, so much so, that if something rhymes I have to at least consider it to be true. In this way I feel as though I consistently form stereotypes of the people around me to attain a foundation of understanding. I believe most people do this unconsciously, tethering each other to something desirable or tangible, even if they know it may not end up being accurate. However, if enough people agree on that assumption, a conscious consensus is learned. How close is symbolism with stereotype, where do the two meet? Why does teeth falling out mean stress, and how did this image become so collectively recognized? In dreams we are untethered from our bodies, but we must use images gathered by our bodies. I think of dreams as purgatory between life and my death; dying, a dream without images. 

Life is chaotic yet simultaneously made of understandable patterns. These patterns are the only graspable truth. I believe we all deserve nothing. From what I can see, all that life guarantees is beauty. Beauty is always at the forefront of importance to me. It protects me, and is the foundation of my life. My life is built upon beauty, something that cannot be taken away. All I want is to move people, as I am constantly moved by the beauty of life. I want to help people detect it in themselves and others.  I want to organize and assemble as many ornaments of life, in a way that feels emotionally logical. I want to  encourage others to play in the vast field of their minds. 

There is an infinity within every person. I want to open people to the idea that their interpretation of what they see is real. What you think and feel are never wrong. My art is my interpretation, it can also be what the viewer sees. My work is to create a point of view rather than to depict any specific thing. I like to work loosely and quickly, as having a bastardized style of recreating life leaves more room for the unknown. I am not aiming to showcase my technique or ideas. I want to step into the vulnerability of this unknown space with others. To create a way of shedding our stories, opinions, beliefs, ect and sit more purely with one another. 

If we lived forever, we would shift through different states of being, the only thing remaining unique, our vessel and experiences gathered. What we think of as making us an individual, personality, opinion, thoughts, all completely changeable with time. All we have to hold onto is each other and the present.