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Celeste Diaz Falzone (b. 1998 in Dallas TX, to Colombian and Italian parents) lives and works in Pawtucket RI. They are a full time mixed media artist with a focus on fibers and illustration. Celeste’s work explores their experiences with neurodiversity, gender and humanity.

As a child I wanted to perform on stage as a dancer or clown. I have always desired to spend my time around others while expressing myself, but struggle in verbal communication. My studio and artistic process have become my stage, they have given me the space to access this performative desire which I need to expel my both physical and mental energy.

The human form is something which I am always desiring to create. I wish to depict people in what I believe is a more authentic form to who they are than what their physical body tells me they are. In this way I think about my work as being realistic. This world I create has a style which makes sense to me, and energies reflecting those around me. It can act as a mirror out, or a window in; it remains a piece of the human world, not imaginary.

My experiences through life and relationships as well as perception of self have fueled this work more than any formal training or particular inspiration. Feelings of unacceptance or being misunderstood as a child, struggles through adolescence with drug abuse, and experiencing domestic abuse as a teenager into my first years as a young adult, has left me with so much pent up energy.

My process of making is highly performative. I am most focused and at ease when I am creating. I feel as though my body and mind are finally able to move naturally between thoughts and actions. Navigating through much of daily life requires mental exercise. As rewarding as it can be, it is also exhausting and often disorienting. What may feel like simple tasks to others such as starting interactions with people, or processing information off of screens like an email or menu, takes full mental focus for me to do successfully. Doing these things without little mental preparation to get my mind off of a post traumatic thought beforehand which often only takes a second, causes me to experience minor panic attacks, and may result in me exiting a situation or spacing out, in need of time to regrasp what is happening. Working in my studio I am able to take my feelings of over stimulation and put them into my body, so that I can focus my mind.  As a result of these feelings, work becomes my rest.

My work is the result of processing sensory information from others. Whether it be illustration or sculpture, I express my fascination with human behavior, form, stimulus, character, and idiosyncrasies. I'm investigating how I process stimuli from the world and others. I am then reflecting that processing of information into form.

Being a dyslexic and neurodiverse person, I have spent so much of my life in deep internal conflict with others; at a great distance to others. I communicate in a way that makes sense to me through the creation of my work. I show people the things that I notice about them, which is often not fully graspable in words.

Through the creation of this work I am able to share with others a more accurate representation of my feelings and thoughts. The aspects of the world around me which fuel my ideas, opinions, and feelings are so heavily based in physical information; therefore making form essential to my response. I also continue to gain a deeper understanding of myself and can look back and see myself overcoming challenges. I hope to give others a reflection of themselves that is either a different or more aligned version from what they normally see. I want to challenge people to practice noticing with different points of focus. What does your energy look like in a physical feature? How would I look if I were purely made of this energy?

©Celeste Diaz Falzone

27 Exchange St.
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(781) 859-8065