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My work is the result of processing sensory information from others. My work whether it be illustration or sculpture expresses my fascination with human behavior, form, stimulus, character, and idiosyncrasies. I'm investigating how I process stimuli from the world and others and reflecting that processing of information into a form. Being a dyslexic and austic person, I have spent so much of my life in deep internal conflict with others or at a great distance to others. Through the creation of my work, I am finally able to communicate in a way that makes sense to me, and show them the things that I notice about them, which is often not fully graspable in words. My experiences through life and relationships as well as perception of self have fueled this work more than any formal training or particular inspiration.

My Friend
Your Friend
Wears a Mask

The creation of this wall piece began by wanting to capture a perspective I don't get to see in the physical world. Seeing only the hands and face of someone is rare in most circumstances but what receives most of my attention. I think by removing the body it allows free unfiltered movement instead of connecting action to person. The hands looking back into the face as close friends offer a reflection of not only the self but of what is to be.

This process led me to a more direct self expression. Here I reflect the dark ominous parts of myself within the context of a joyous activity. I celebrate the power I feel in being a soft cynic. The theme of a mask is a recurring theme in my work since I started keeping a sketchbook in high school. The mask is such a powerful symbol to me because of how much I have withheld behind my own masks throughout my life. The mask I create is round, soft, unaffected, unapproachable, unknowable and always in action.

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